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A lot of bonuses for our loyal users

The platform has a lot of features for the users that log-in daily and do some easy tasks. The users earn 75 Bits daily + 5 Bonus faucet claims and at some milestones achieved they can earn up to 7 days Premium membership. Weekly we offer to all of the users free Bits, Premium membership, Lottery tickets or Bonus faucet claims by Fortune Wheel.

For each Offer that has over 500 Bits we offer 20 Bonus claims and for the ones worth over 5.000 Bits we offer 1 Premium Membership day. Also, if you would like to do offers we offer up to 25% bonus Bits from them for achieving some certain levels.

Check also the Lottery, make referrals and earn a lot of revenue from all their activities - up to 10% Bonus for your referrals deposits into the platform, for example!
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